Thursday, November 6, 2014

The war on Jerusalem: Israel’s leaders freeze

We know what Arabs look like in a war against Jews. You’ve seen the pictures. They hide their ‘heroic’ faces. They attack defenceless Jews. They taunt Israeli security officers they know are under orders not to shoot.

They dance before cameras. They demonstrate how eagerly they act out their Jew-hate.

Israel’s leaders aren’t like that. They don‘t act out. They don’t act at all. They’re paralyzed.

Because of that paralysis, Arab rage snowballs. Yesterday, we didn’t have just one vehicular terror attack; we had two.

Well, maybe not two. Our Jewish military masterminds are trying to sell the second attack as ‘hit-and-run’.

Was it?

Arabs who surround us aren’t so delicate about how Jews are injured. An online social media campaign appears to call for more Arab terror attacks using vehicles as weapons. The campaign is reportedly called “Daas.” That’s Arabic for, “run over”. That word is also a play on words for the Arabic acronym “Daesh”, for the terror group, The Islamic State (“Jerusalem hospitals treating 8 injured in attacks”, Times of Israel, November 6, 2014).

While the IDF tries to tell us that a vehicular ‘event’ wasn’t an ‘event’--and Arabs try to call for more of those ‘events’—Israeli officials freeze with indecision. They worry over harming Arab sensibility.  They worry about what the gentile nations might say.

Their indecision gives Arabs a window of opportunity. They increase their attacks with impunity.

Tensions in Jerusalem are now at the highest level in years (“Israeli police say one dead and 13 hurt as car rams crowd in East Jerusalem”, The Independent, November 5, 2014). Many say this is a new Intifada (“It’s The Intifada! (Or Not, Depending Who You Ask)”, BuzzFeedNews, October 30, 2014).

Whatever we call it, Arab rage is extremely focused. It’s not random. It’s a religion-fuelled war of hate to ‘defend the Temple Mount for Islam’ (“PA security posts cartoon of Israel ‘raping’ Temple Mount”, Times of Israel, November 6, 2014).

The nations say nothing about Arab calls to war. Instead, they tell Israel not to increase tensions (“US Ambassador to Israel Says ‘Don’t Engage in Provocations’”, The Jewish Press, November 5, 2014). Israel must avoid ‘provocation’.

Arabs are exempt from such admonitions. Israel Arab MK Haneen Zoabi—who hates Zion--was on (or near) the Temple Mount yesterday taunting Israeli security officers--who were there to keep Arabs from rioting. She taunted them, saying, “It wasn’t for nothing they killed 6 million of you” (“Haneen Zoabi Instigates on Temple Mount – Invokes Holocaust”, The Jewish Press, November 5, 2014).

The US Ambassador has said nothing about Zoabi’s provocation. Neither has any other country.

Today (November 6, 2014), a former Jerusalem Police Chief had what to say about Israel’s response to these attacks: the Prime Minister, he said, needs to make the decision to fight terrorism (“'This Isn't an Intifada, It's War'”, Arutz Sheva, November 6, 2014). His words suggested that the Prime Minister hasn’t yet made that decision.

For many Israelis, that’s exactly what’s wrong with Netanyahu.  He hasn’t yet committed to defend us.

Here are some comments I’ve heard from Israelis. They’re probably from the internet. They suggest a singular truth: our leaders are weak.

-Israelis know who they’re going to vote for in Israel’s next national election. They’ll vote for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. He’ll know what to do with the terrorists.

-a team that only plays defense eventually loses. Why does Netanyahu play only defense?

-a joke: two Jews are standing in front of a Nazi firing squad. One says to the other, “I’m hungry. I’m going to tell them I want to eat. The other says, are you crazy? They’ll get angry. They’ll kill us!” That’s how Netanyahu and Internal Security Minister Aharonovich talk to each other.

According to that former Police Chief (above), we pay a price for a ‘lack of policy and a lack of decision-making by the government…For many years…we did nothing. The Temple Mount is not in our hand. Eastern Jerusalem is not under our control. We didn’t take care of anything…we…didn’t enforce the law…Everyone was talking nonsense and told us that there was no intifada in Jerusalem. Today we got war [sic]. The war is being conducted by tens of thousands of Arabs who hate Israel…they face a police that is not strong enough and a country that has not yet decided what to do” (Arutz Sheva, ibid).

This is what ‘today’ looks like in Israel. We are at war. Jew-hate rages. The world waits for Jerusalem to fall.

Our leaders stand on the world’s stage, caught in the glare of the limelight. They look like dear frozen in your headlight glare just before your car plows into them.




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