Sunday, March 2, 2014

The fraud called, the ‘Palestinian homeland’

Note: March will be a ‘partial’ month. I believe there will only be three-four essays each week until the last week of March.

Last month, Palestinian Authority (PA) chief negotiator (for current PA-Israel-John Kerry peace talks) Saeb Erekat explained that Mahmoud Abbas could never recognize Israel as a Jewish State because that “recognition [demand] stems from its [Israel’s] desire to change historical facts” (“Name that Concession”, Israel Matzav, February 16, 2014).

The brazenness of this comment is mind-boggling. It is a Nobel Prize-winning whopper. The only side in the Arab-Israel war that seeks to change historical fact is the PA.

The PA does this a lot. It reveals itself through its anti-Israel accusations. Like all anti-Semites of the past, when it comes to Jews, the PA invariably reveals that it is actually guilty of what it accuses Israel.

For example, the PA accuses Israel of killing Arab children—then celebrates when Arabs blow up a Jewish children’s school bus. It accuses Israel of being apartheid racists. Then it announces there will be no Jews in ‘Palestine’. It accuses Israel of incitement against the ‘Palestinian’. Then it incites against Israel.

The PA’s dark accusations against Israel reveal the PA’s own dark nature. Watch their accusations and you’ll know what they’re thinking.

This ‘history-changing’ accusation is cut from the same mould. It’s so fraudulent, it’s laughable.

But it is not funny. People believe these lies.

The Arab lusts to replace Israel. He lusts to erase Israel. He manufactures lies to erase Israel.  

He starts to erase Israel by erasing Jewish history. Then he invents his own fraudulent history. Then he replaces Jewish history with ‘Palestinian’ ‘history’.

For example, Jews say that Israel is their ancient homeland. Therefore, ‘Palestinians’ make the same claim: Israel is the ‘Palestinian’ homeland.

But these claims are not equal, as many people believe. They are not equal because the Jewish claim is historical. The ‘Palestinian’ claim is a fraud.

Israel bases its case for the land of Israel as its homeland on historical fact. Israel has always done this. Israel doesn’t lie about history.  

The same cannot be said about the ‘Palestinian’ claim. The ‘Palestinian’ claim is empty.

Israel can make its claim for its ‘homeland’ because it has a linguistically distinct language associated with Jews and the ancient land of Israel. Think about that. If you want to claim you are a ‘people’ with an ancestral ‘homeland’, you need three things: land, a history on that land—and a distinct language that places you—and not someone else--on that land.  Without these three things, you are not a ‘people’ and you have no ‘homeland.’

Besides a linguistically distinctive language, Israel has a recorded history. Jews have written about ancient Jewish cities in Israel. Jews have written about kings, princes, wars and enemies. Many Jews today know the names, battles and places. Jewish children study them. 

Most important for our discussion here, you don’t have to rely on the Jews’ word about their ancient history, language and homeland. Jews weren’t the only ancient writers who spoke of Jews and Israel. Ancient non-Jews also wrote about the Jews of Israel.

Ancient non-Arabs have never written about Arab Palestinians. Ancient non-Arab historians have never written about the Palestinian ‘people’. Ancient historians have never written about a ‘Palestinian’ homeland.

There is a reason that ancient historians wrote about Jews and not about Arab Palestinians: the Jews existed. Their homeland existed. Their language and culture existed.

The Palestinians did not exist.

‘Palestinians’ claim otherwise. They claim that ‘Palestinians’ lived on this ‘homeland’ since ‘time immemorial’.

Really?  If those ancient Palestinians existed, where are the pottery shards with ancient ‘Palestinian’ words written on them? Where are the stories of Palestinian kings and wars?

There are none. They do not exist.

The ‘Palestinians’ did not exist. Their indigenous language did not exist. Their ‘homeland’ did not exist.

Michael Freund has recently written in the Jerusalem Post (“Palestine, Bigfoot and other fairy tales”, February 25, 2014) of a Muslim, Sheik Ahmed Adwan, who has posted the following on his Facebook page:

"I say to those who distort the Koran: from where did you bring the name Palestine, you liars, you accursed, when Allah has already named it 'the Holy Land' and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment?...There is no such thing as 'Palestine' in the Koran. Your demand for the Land of Israel is a falsehood”.

 ‘Palestinian’ claims are a fraud. They use this fraudulent claim create a false narrative. They sell you a fake story that requires erasing Jews to validate itself.

That’s not how history works. But it is how fraud works.

Fraud is not history. Fraud is also not moral. It is immoral.

‘Palestinians’ claim they have a moral cause. They claim that theirs is the greatest moral cause of our generation.

It is not. It is instead the greatest fraud of our generation.

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