Sunday, November 10, 2013

Israel and King Solomon’s baby

The Arab-Israel conflict is stubborn. It seems to have no solution. It forces us to ask a simple but impossible question: who is telling the truth?
For example, Arabs claim that Israel is really an Arab ‘Palestine’. Jews deny that. Jews claim that ‘Palestine’ is not even an Arabic word; they say it’s a Roman name given to Israel by the Roman emperor Hadrian; ‘Palestine’, they say, has nothing to do with Arab history.
Who’s telling the truth?
Arabs claim they are ‘Palestine’s’ indigenous population. They claim they have been on this land continuously since time immemorial. Jews claim otherwise. They claim that Arabs can point to no historic evidence to support that claim.
Who is telling the truth?
Jews, meanwhile, claim that Israel is their historic homeland. They say Israel was established by Biblical record and validated by archaeological dig-sites. They claim that archaeological findings establish Jewish control over Israel that dates back more than 3,000 years—to the united national Jewish kingdoms of David and Solomon.
The Arab denies this. He claims that archaeological digs prove nothing.
Who is telling the truth?  
The nations of the world won’t press the Arab for evidence. They won’t question the validity of Arab claims. They deny Jewish evidence of ownership.
Doesn’t truth count?
Arabs don’t care about truth. Jews care very much. The world doesn’t care what Jews care about. It only cares that Jews make Arabs unhappy.
Jews say that the deed for Jewish ownership of Israel is written in the Bible. Arabs rejects the Bible. They say the Bible is fiction. Only the Koran is true. They claim their Koran rejects Jews as infidels. The Bible means nothing to them.
Christian nations embrace Arab denunciation and reject Jewish evidence.  Part of their Bible tells the same pro-Israel stories as the Jewish Bible. But they don’t support their Bible.  
Instead, they accept the Jihadist’s position on Jews. Jihadists claim that Islam calls to murder Jews. Christian nations do not object.
Christian nations forget that it was the devout Christian, Harry Truman, President of the United States in 1948, who sparked UN support for the reconstituted Israel. Truman believed his Bible. He believed that Israel was destined to be given to Jacob (Israel), not Yishmael (the Arab).
In large part, that is why Truman ordered the US delegation to support Israel’s creation. He had read his Bible. He believed his Bible.
Christians today have a short memory. Too many forget their Old Testament. Too many reject it. They choose the people of Jihad.
Whom should we believe—the claims of the Jew or the denunciation of the Arab? It’s a simple enough question. What’s the answer?
Perhaps there is a way to understand what is true. Yes, this approach requires looking at the Bible. But it doesn’t require accepting anybody’s beliefs. It just requires an appreciation for human nature.
We’re not talking Biblical belief here. We’re talking about insight into the human condition. We’re talking about the story of King Solomon and the baby.
Do you know that story? Two women appear before Solomon. They bring a baby. They have a dispute.
Each claims the baby is hers. The King listens. But he cannot determine who is telling the truth.
Sound familiar?
He proposes a solution. He tells the women he will cut the baby in half. Each mother will get half a baby. 
The woman who is not the true mother accepts the offer. She has no concern for the baby. It’s not hers; it means nothing to her.
The true mother is horrified. Her baby will die. Her concern for the baby is a mother’s true concern. She tells Solomon to give the baby to the other woman.
King Solomon then announced that he knows who is the true mother. He gave the baby to the woman who was concerned for the baby’s life.
The women themselves had revealed the truth. Their behaviour towards the child was the key.
It’s the same with Israel.
Wherever Jews go in Israel, they show their love of the land. They build. They solve water, sewage and power generation problems. They clear swamp.  They turn desert into farmland. They do it because this is their land. They love it because it’s theirs.
The Arab is different. He doesn’t work the land. He defaces it with garbage. Much of the money he receives does not go to the land. It goes to the pockets of leaders-- and to pay ultra-high ‘salaries’ to those who murder Jews.
Arab behaviour tells you what he values. He doesn’t value the land. He values killing Jews.
Like the fake mother in the Solomon story, Arab behaviour reveals the truth.  He doesn’t care about the land. The land means nothing to him because it isn’t his.

King Solomon was right. People’s behaviour reveals the truth.

Remember that.


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