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What happens when you solve the ‘Israel’ problem

Last update: September 12, 2013

Palestine is not a state. It doesn’t exist. But don’t tell that to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

For Abbas, Palestine doesn’t just exist; it exists in place of Israel. You see that in the occasional picture of Mr Abbas in his office or at a PA-sponsored gathering. In such pictures, Mr Abbas sits or stands proudly in front of a map that displays his new state. The map shows Palestine where Israel should be.

The United States may speak about peace ‘in the Middle East’. The European Union may speak of two nations living side-by-side in peace and security. But for Mr Abbas, peace means only one thing: Israel erased from the map.

Read the PLO Charter. Read the Hamas Charter. Listen to Arab TV: peace comes when Israel is gone.

Abbas is a like a proud pappa. He loves to talk about his ‘baby’. He wants his baby to obliterate Israel.  

The European Union, meanwhile, accuses Israel of rejecting peace. The UN accuses Israel of causing unrest throughout the Middle East. Everyone agrees: solve the ‘Israel’ problem and there will be peace.

Okay, let’s solve that problem. Take Israel off the map. Destroy the Jewish state. Put ‘Palestine’ in its place.

Now, with Israel gone, answer these questions: does oppression against Arab citizens in Gaza suddenly stop? Do human rights abuses in Syria end?  Does Lebanon become the new model for economic vitality?

For answers, start with Egypt, Syria and Libya. With Israel gone, will those violent streets become quiet? With Israel gone, will the enmity Arab citizens feel towards their respective governments evaporate? With Israel gone, will any Arab country become instantly peaceful?

If Israel disappears, the streets of the Middle East will not magically fill with Audis and Mercedes automobiles. They will choke with donkeys and sewage.

Israel is the Middle East’s lifeline to survival. It develops modern health-care, high-tech innovation and advanced education—and shows the Arab how to survive in the 21st century. Israel demonstrates how a tiny nation with virtually no natural resources can become one of the most technologically sophisticated nations in the world. Israel is the model for survival in the Middle East.

By contrast, most of the Arab world wallows in sewage-soaked poverty. If Israel disappears, that poverty will only get worse.

Israel in the Middle East is an economic iceberg: you see only the tip of its influence. Israel’s vitality affects everyone on its borders:  Jordan learns how to farm the desert. Egypt learns how to manage the Sinai. The Palestinian Authority learns how to build a city. All of that evaporates if Israel disappears.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), on the other hand, offers nothing. It’s a taker, not a giver. It receives billions in hand-outs from around the world—and billions land in the pockets of its leaders.

Where are the PA sewage treatment plants? Where are their power plants? Where is their water infrastructure? They don’t exist. All of it comes from Israel.

In the PA, men who kill Jews and get sent to Israeli prison for their crimes receive up to $3,400 US dollars a month from the PA—while PA security officers earn an average equivalent of   $850 - $1,150 US a month ( Gil Ronen, “MK: Jailed PA Murderers Make $3,400 a Month”, Arutz Sheva, August 11, 2013). As Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) puts it, “There is a very problematic message here” when killers make more than three times the average Security officer. The message is not one that promotes peace between Arab and Jew.

Because so many PA Arabs work for Jews (both legally and illegally), PA unemployment will skyrocket the day Israel disappears. PA businesses that rely upon Jewish contracts will collapse.

In a Middle East characterized by incompetence, Israeli competence creates survivability. For example, in Arab countries bordering Israel, water problems turn farmland into desert. In Israel, water ingenuity turns desert into farmland.

The Oslo Accords stated explicitly that Arafat’s new Arab state must seek economic cooperation with Israel. The International Monetary Fund recently repeated that cooperation with Israel is crucial to the new state’s survival.  But any Arab who partners with an Israeli business is attacked. He is not allowed to seek ‘normalization’ with the hated Jew.

Arab leaders reject cooperation. They reject economic survivability. They want ethnic cleansing.  

When you solve the ‘Israel’ problem by destroying Israel, you destroy the 16th most Developed country in the world. You destroy a technology-innovation powerhouse (1st in its region, 14th in the world). You destroy your future.

Destroy Israel and you replace it with a bankrupt beggar with billionaire leaders and citizens living with open sewage. That’s not a dream-come-true for the average Arab. It’s his worst nightmare.

It’s the nightmare the world wants. It’s the nightmare the world says will solve the ‘Israel’ problem. It’s a nightmare that will destroy the Middle East.



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