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November 29, 2012 at the UN: four predictions

On November 29, 2012, the United Nations voted to approve what is being called the de facto recognition of a new sovereign state, Palestine. The vote was 138-9, with 41 abstentions.  

The Arab world celebrates this vote as a victory.  It doesn’t matter that their new Palestine has no borders. It doesn’t matter that this vote does not make them a member-state in the UN, but only a non-member with observer status, similar to the Vatican.

What matters is, they won.

To understand what they won, here are four predictions that will come out of this vote for the next 48 months:

Prediction One: this UN resolution in favour of Palestine will not lead to peace. It will lead to war.

Prediction Two: there will be two wars. These wars could occur in sequence, simultaneously—or, in some other fashion. The first war will be more Arab-Israel conflict. The second war will be a world war against Israel.

Prediction Three: the world war against Israel will unfold through multiple pathways. Some of these pathways will unfold simultaneously. Some will be sequential. They will be aimed at  criminalizing Israel. Every international human rights code written since 1949 will be used to accuse Israel of crimes against all humanity. Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur for Palestinian human rights, has already called for a new UN Fact-Finding Mission to investigate Israel’s actions during its recent ‘Pillar of Defense’ attack against Gaza. This Fact-Finding Mission would be asked to do what the Goldstone Report did in 2009. Since Mr Falk now redefines Israel as an ‘ultra-modern killing machine that kills and maims at will,’ we can expect that a new Goldstone-like Report will be even more hostile to Israel than the original.

A second pathway will be the International Criminal Court. There, Arabs will seek the right to ask for criminal indictments against individual Israelis—specifically, every Israeli who signed any document relating to Gaza or the Palestinian territories.

For a third pathway, the new Palestine could seek the legal right to establish its own courts, so as to indict Israel and Israelis for human rights violations committed with every arrest of every Palestinian since 1948 (Goldstone Report suggests a potential for 700,000 lawsuits).

A fourth pathway is called, the principle of universal jurisdiction, which states that international crimes (such as those allegedly committed by a brutal and immoral Israel) that violate fundamental human values are such a concern for the world, that they can be prosecuted anywhere in the world, regardless of the place of commission, the nationality of the perpetrator or the nationality of the victims  (Goldstone Report).

A fifth pathway could be demands for reparations. Goldstone tells us that a State is responsible for full reparations when that State commits internationally unlawful acts, including acts codified in international humanitarian conventions and human rights codes. In case you think this is a frivolous issue, Goldstone states that reparation has been ‘enshrined’ in at least five international codes.

Still other pathways—including international law surrounding the ‘responsibility to protect’ and ‘collective punishment’-- will be built as opportunity presents itself.

This world war should not be confused with the on-going Arab-Israel conflict. This will be a war between the world and Israel. This war will be based partly on 'human rights', and on the premise that the greatest threat to world peace is terorism--and Israel is the cause of that terrorism.

Israel will be called to justice. She will be accused. She will be investigated.  She will be found guilty of crimes against all humanity, not just Palestinians. We will be told that Israel’s immorality against the Palestinians is so great, it will challenge our world (Richard Falk); and, any hope for freedom and peace for us all depends upon the UN acting against Israel (Mahmoud Abbas).

Prediction Four: the UN will become sorely troubled by Israel’s immorality. Her brutality will be called unbearable. She will become worse than Nazi Germany. Nations beyond the Middle East will accuse Israel of attempting her own holocaust—against the Arab.

Peace lovers at the UN will be horrified. Diplomats and political pundits will wonder aloud if Israel the ZioNazi should be expelled from the UN.

We have seen these tactics and accusations. But what we have seen has only been rehearsal. Mahmoud Abbas wants more. As he wrote in The New York Times In May, 2011, he wants to 'internationalize' his war against Israel by making that war a 'legal matter'; and that, he said, was why he wanted statehood--not for peace, but to transform his war effort. 

UN recognition would be the key that unlocks the door for his world war.

He now has that recognition. His war can now become global, not just local.
Congratulations, Mr Abbas. You have won the tools you seek to destroy your enemy. You can now start your world war.

Congratulations also go to the UN: the road to war goes through you.

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